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Ajax Contractors provides Moora and other North Perth regions with a number of high quality and reliable services.

From front lift bins to excavation to concreting to skip bin hire, Ajax Contractors is proud to offer a variety of services to individuals or your businesses for their various jobs.

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Concreting | Moora | North Perth

Ajax Contractors is proud to cater completely to your concreting needs. Whether it be a single or multiple floor job, an extensions, exposed aggregate driveways or more, we're more than likely able to provide you the service you're after.

Our concreting services, like all our services, are available in a 200km radius of Moora, North Perth meaning we regularly have customers from Dalwallinu, Wongan Hills, Bindoo and Watheroo and among others.

If you're in need of a professional and reliable Concreting Service in North Perth then Ajax Contractors is the answer.

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Skip Bin Hire | From Dalwallinu to Watheroo

Ajax Contractors also provides Skip Bins and Skip Bin Hire at your convenience for removing debris and waste from your work sites making them much safer and efficient work environments.

Cleaning up your work site on any given workday is only a short call away with Ajax Contractors. Our services are readily available for your convenience and you can rest assured experienced and qualified Ajax representatives will take out any hassle.

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Excavation Services | From Miling to Bindoon

Not only can we remove debris from your work site but we can help you get it up out of the ground in the first place.

With our fleet of excavators, Bobcat Trucks and Skip Bins, Ajax Contractors is a more than capable one-stop-service for handling your renovation or landscaping job.

If you're in need of professional excavation services or excavation hire in Moora, North Perth then for your convenience contact Ajax Contractors today!

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Machinery Hire | From Dandaragen to Wongan Hills

On top of providing the services, Ajax Contractors has a large catalogue of equipment for hire to complete your renovation or landscaping job.

Included for hire are excavators and excavation machines, skip bins, concreting machines and Bobcat Truck Hire.

To inquire about hiring out this equipment or any of our services then please contact Ajax Contractors today through either the form on the contact us page or by calling 0429 967 800.

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